Navman Update

Navman Update

The world keeps on changing fast and so do the roads. Every single day, a new road, bridge, or underpass gets built. This generates the need of knowing the exact route so as to enjoy a smooth and hassle-free driving experience. Considering this, Navman provides profound GPS devices that are built with splendid technology and features. These devices are designed to not just navigate you to the destination but to make your journey enjoyable and memorable. For making the best use of these feature-rich devices, you are recommended to update the maps every time they are launched.

Things you Need for Navman Update

  • Uninterrupted network connectivity

High-speed, reliable, and uninterrupted network connectivity is a must to have requirements for performing the Navman Update process. Make sure you use a private network for the protection of your data. 

  • Computing Device

Navman Map updates can be performed on a computing device only. You must have access to one. Also, make sure you have logged into the system as an admin for a smooth updation process.

  • Navman GPS device

You must have a Navman device with you. In case you have purchased a new device, then you must get it registered before you commence the updation process. Also, perform the primary setup of your device beforehand. 

  • Undamaged USB cable

To update your Navman GPS device with the latest maps, you need to form a connection between the computer system and device. For this, you must have access to a USB cable, which will work as a bridge. Make sure you use the cable that is provided with the product. Also, check the cable and its ports and ensure that it is not damaged at all. 

  • Navdesk application

Navdesk is a vital tool for installing the Navman update that is available. It provides an easy-to-use interface and makes the process simpler. Hence, download and install the software on your system prior to the process. You can find the download link on the official website of Navman. In case, you already have the application installed, then update it to the latest version. 

  • Purchased and Download Map Update

If you are opting to update the international maps on your device, then you have to make a purchase. You can buy the latest maps from the official website of Navman. Carefully choose the region for which you want to purchase the map and pay for it. After purchasing, you also have to download it on your system.

Detailed Procedure for Update


It is important to keep your Navman device up-to-date so that you can operate the device in a flawless way. Updating the maps will ensure easy navigation, makes you a confident driver, provides the right direction with midways details, and more. Usually, the map updates are small and don’t take much time. The process can be completed with ease. 

These updates are released several times in a year. Some of the updates are available for free. You can automatically download and install the free updates on your GPS device. However, another type of update i.e. International Navman Update is required to be purchased. The in-depth procedure for installing both the updates are stated below.

Free Map Updates:
  1. Attaching the Navman unit to the computer machine is the very first step of the update process. You need a USB cable for this. Take the cable and fix its end to the sat nav device and computer system. 
  2. The device will now turn on by itself. Wait for the connection logo to come up on your screen. 
  3. Now, move to your computing device and launch the NavDesk application. To do so, click the icon of the software from your desktop or the system tray. 
  4. Before you step ahead, you might get a popup box stating “Backup Reminder”. You are advisable for backing up the data prior to the Navman Update process. Choose the appropriate option as per the requirements. 
  5. In the main interface of the application, lookup for the “New Update” tab. This option can be found on the upper-right corner of the NavDesk application. 
  6. The list of all the available free maps will turn up on your screen. Along with the name of the maps, you will get a few details too. Examine them and choose the one that you want to install. 
  7. Once you are done with the selection, click the “Download” tab which is positioned beside the selected map. 
  8. The download process will get started immediately after clicking the tab. The process for download will take a couple of minutes or more. 
  9. You are recommended to wait patiently without flipping the screens or shutting down the system.
  10. On its completion, the successful message will come into sight. Tap “Ok” from the popup box. 
  11. You can perform the exact same process for downloading the more Navman updates that are available. 
  12. Once you are done, you can click the “Close” icon and come out of the wizard. 
  13. Finally, take off the USB cable and disconnect the devices. This will conclude the Navman update process successfully and make the latest map available to you. 
Paid Navman Update:
  1. For starting off the Navman update process, you have to connect your GPS device to your system using the USB cable. The larger end of the cable gets fixed in the computer port and the other smaller end gets fixed in the GPS device. 
  2. As soon as the connection gets established, you have to power on your device. Generally, it happens automatically. However, if it doesn’t, then tap the power button and switch on your device. 
  3. After that, run the NavDesk application that you have downloaded and installed. 
  4. Once the application is launched, lookup for the “Updates” option which is positioned on the upper left-hand corner. This will commence the search for the Navman updates that are currently available. 
  5. Next to this, click “Manage” followed by choosing the “Content” option. 
  6. The Map Management window will now turn up. Here, you have to choose the “Browse” tab and search for your purchased map in your system.
  7. Once you get the map, click “Open” to add it to the list and further tap “Open” again. 
  8. Afterwards, to get the map installed and to use it, you have to tap “Unlock”. 
  9. Doing so, the window for entering the Unlock key will prompt on your screen. You can locate the key in the confirmation mail that Navman has sent to you on the completion of a successful purchase. Cautiously invade the key in the boxes appearing on your screen.
  10. Move ahead by hitting the “Continue” tab. This will prompt the activation completed message on your screen. 
  11. Thereafter, tap the “Open” button which is located beside the added map. 
  12. Then, look at the section with various regions. From here, tick marks the checkbox of the region for which you want to update your maps. After tick marking, click “Remove” and confirm it. This will move the selected region to the other side. 
  13. Now, tick mark it again and hit “Install”.
  14. The installation process will now start off. The process will take more than a minute. So, wait until it gets completed. You will get the notification via the popup box on the completion of the process. 
  15. You can now close the Navdesk application by clicking the cross icon. 
  16. To conclude the process, remove the connected cable both from your computer system and Navman device. Lastly, restart your device, and you are done.

Ways to Fix the Errors

Navman Update Errors

Encountering the issues while updating the Navman Maps is quite common. These issues can be in the form of an error message or device stops working or else. Ignoring the issue behind the error, it becomes vital to get rid of it. To offer you a unique and delightful experience, we are providing the methods that will help you in fixing the error. Following are a few universal troubleshooting tips that will eradicate any of the Navman Update errors. 

  • NavDesk Application

NavDesk is the software that enables the users to manage and update their devices. For eradicating the error messages or other Navman update issues, you can try upgrading the Navdesk software to the latest version available. In case the error persists, then you can also opt for reinstalling the software. For reinstallation, you have to remove the installed software from your system and install it again. 

  • Network Connection

Internet connection is one of the fundamental requirements for the Navman update process. You need to have high-speed network connectivity throughout the process. In case of error message prompting on your screen, you can try fixing the network connection. You first have to ensure that you are using a private and secure network connection. Then, bring the router closer to your device. In case you are still getting the updation issues, then try rebooting the internet router. 

  • Computer System Settings

Modifying the computer settings might also help you in eradicating the Navman update issues and offer you the smooth experience. First of all, you have to check and make sure that your computer is compatible with the Navdesk application. It must fulfil all the requirements so as to make the process error-free. You can also try disabling the firewall on a temporary basis or try updating the proxy settings from your computer system.

  • Navman Device

Working on the Navman GPS device might also help you in resolving the updates issues. To begin with, check the Navman device connectivity with your computer system. The cable used for the process must be undamaged and should be fixed properly. With this, you can also try adding the memory card to your device. This is needed to increase the storage capacity of your device.